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    General view of the designed units: Bioreactors – Sludge Digestion – Solar drying unit

  • General Lay Out of the Works of the WWTP of Pafos



Wastewater treatment projects are always challenging, but when upgrading of existing works is involved the challenge increases.

The project included:

  • Upgrade and expanding the existing screening facilities, primary treatment, secondary treatment (bioreactors, secondary clarifiers, pumping stations), tertiary treatment (filtration phosphorous removal), emergency storage lagoons, service networks etc and the construction of new facilities (abolishment of existing facilities) for septage reception and treatment and grease and grit removal and treatment unit.
  • Upgrade and expanding the existing sludge treatment works and the construction of new facilities for the anaerobic digestion of the primary sludge with capacity 3500 Κg DS/d (Phase ΙΙΙ) consisting of a digestion tank, a digested sludge storage tank, a digested sludge dewatering unit, a gas-holder tank, a cogeneration unit and a gas flare, etc, and a solar sludge drying plant for the total sludge produced of 5000 Kg DS/d (Phase ΙΙ).


The services provided include the Technical study at the Tendering Procedure (FIDIC Conditions for Design - Build) and the preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design leading to the construction of the works.

  • Hydraulic, Electromechanical and Process Engineering design leading to the construction of the plant.
  • Support the Client in the selection of the Electro-mechanical equipment
  • Operation control and optimization of existing facilities.
  • Support the Client in the start-up operation and the plant commission procedures

EMVIS with its extensive experience coordinated and successfully completed this demanding project with increased responsibility in order to ensure that the mission and the objectives have been met on-time with the highest quality standards.


Uncollected and untreated wastewater is a major source of pollution that affects quality of fresh and marine waters and presents a risk to human health and biodiversity. The positive impact of wastewater infrastructure projects is widely acknowledged with main objective to protect the environment from the adverse effects of urban waste water discharges.

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The main objective of the project overall is related to the provision of safe, high quality water to the citizens and tourists of the cities of Heraklio, Chersonissos and Agios Nikolaos. Surface water from the Aposelemis dam is collected and transferred to the water treatment plant where advanced water treatment is provided.




Earth observations and advanced related services produce a plethora of environmental and climate data. COPERNICUS is the European Union’s earth observation programme and through the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), it will provide valuable information to support a series of sectors, water management amongst them, under a changing future.




wPRISMA is an interactive web map application that provides information about water quality of surface water bodies. Its main objective is to identify areas or water bodies that experience significant pressures from diffuse and point sources of pollution.



wPOLIS is an interactive web map tool for calculating the temporal and spatial variation of Emission Limit Values for specified pollutants in a River Basin and also for defining exclusion zones where installation of new facilities is restricted due to water quality or other environmental criteria.

Latest News

Prime Water Project has kicked-off!

Prime Water Project has kicked-off!

On the 5th and 6th of December 2019 in Athens, Greece we gladly hosted the Kick-Off Meeting of PrimeWater, a unique Research & Innovation project funded by Horizon 2020.

2019 International Workshop on Constructed Wetland, Xi'an,  China

2019 International Workshop on Constructed Wetland, Xi'an, China

The 2019 International Workshop on Constructed Wetland - Microbial Fuel Cell Technology - IWonCW-MFC2019

Xi'an University of Technology / Institute of Water Resources & Hydro-electric Engineering

No 5 South Jinhua Road, Xi'an, 710048 Xi’an, China, 13-15 December 2019