SPACE-O at ICT4water cluster meeting

SPACE-O will be attending ICT4water 2018, which will be held in Vienna on 4- 6 December.

 The SPACE-O, as member of the ICT4Water cluster, will be present at the 2018  cluster meeting, having organised and participating in various events, disseminating the project and its outputs.

On December 5th, members of the scientific team, including our leading coordinator, Mr. Tzimas, will be present at the booth demonstrating the platform to the audience, providing information and answering questions to every interested part.

A co-located event organised by the IWA, the communication and dissemination leader of SPACE-O, will take place the following day, December 6th. In the framework of this workshop on 'Using Earth Observation information in water management', SPACE-O and its outputs shall be presented to the audience along with the applicability and the potential uses of SPACE-O products for water utilities and other users. Furthermore, future opportunities for collaboration using advanced technologies (such as SPACE-O) to improve water management shall be examined. Representative partners from the consortium of the project shall give presentations addressing the aforementioned issues.

On the same day, EMVIS partner Dr. Kyriakos Kandris, shall introduce the project to the audience, highlighting its objectives, innovative approach of the important issue of water management and its progress, during the ICT2018 event session, 'Frontrunners towards a Smart Water Task Force'.



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