Space-O at World Water Week

Highlights from World Water Week in Stockholm

During the 2018 World Water Week in Stockholm,  SPACE-O was presented to our fellow water experts. During this showcase event three components of the SPACE-O Portal were live demonstrated to the audience.

Apostolos Tzimas, our lead coordinator, made a presentation of the project.

Godfrey Masinde (Nairobi Water) shared experiences with algae blooms and high turbidity events they face in Nairobi, Kenya. He further presented feedback on our water quality forecasting platform from the perspective of their water utility.

Discursions with the audience were very insightful and once more helped us to better understand the diverse perspectives and requirements of potential end users of our solutions. Topics that were discussed included the potential application of the tools to forecast the spread of water borne diseases; the costs of using the SPACE-O platform customized to a specific location; and the uncertainty of the produced forecasts.

Find the opening presentation and video recording below.