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    Interactive map on the implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) in EU 27

Master Plan for urban wastewater treatment plants in Greece


Wastewater management in Greece is being regulated by the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD). Many WWTPs were constructed during the last 30 years and the current challenge lies on the efficient operation of these works along with the need to fulfil the obligations set in the Directive with projects that are related to areas with p.e. less than 10.000.

The main challenge is to meet the provisions of the UWWTD not for big and medium sized agglomerations, but for the numerous smaller agglomerations that even now lack the basic wastewater infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is also challenging to efficiently operate these projects and meet the continuous environmental challenges.


The project includes three main parts:

PART I. Determination of total number of WWTPs that will be constructed with financing by the Ministry of Environment at 4th Programmatic Period (2007-2013) and more specifically:

  • Determine the number of central WWTPs that qualify as the optimal solution for the treatment of wastewater of two or more neighbouring agglomerations in comparison to construction of autonomous WWTPs,
  • Determine the number of agglomerations for which the connection with existing WWTPs is the optimum technico-economical solution
  • Determine the number of agglomerations for which the construction of autonomous WWTPs is the optimum technico-economical solution.

The determination of the number of central WWTPs, the autonomous WWTPs and the proposed connections with existing WWTPs will be made after investigation of alternative solutions with technico-economical criteria.

PART II. The establishment of a restoration plan for the WWTPs which remain inactive, which includes the evaluation of the existing situation of the WWTPs with on-site visits, the auditing of a construction study and financial records, the estimation of the needed actions and the relevant cost for restoration of the plant.

PART III. Technical assistance to competent authorities in the implementation process for the needed actions.


Integrated wastewater management is a great challenge for the successful environmental protection not only through the big projects, but also with the implementation of infrastructure serving smaller communities. The project identified the required works for wastewater collection and treatment in Greece, thus providing a road map for the needed actions.

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As the effects of climate change become more and more evident, European countries have begun designing national strategies and implementing their respective national adaptation plans, with priority in the sectors of health, agriculture, water resources and sea level rise. As experience of the potential for adaptation to climate change grows, the difficulties of institutionalizing climate change adaptation are recognized.




wHYDE is a tool which supports the design of free surface sewer and storm water networks. wHYDE has been developed as an add-on to the familiar working environments of Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel, it is easy to use and boosts productivity.



wPRISMA is an interactive web map application that provides information about water quality of surface water bodies. Its main objective is to identify areas or water bodies that experience significant pressures from diffuse and point sources of pollution.

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